Does Dry Brushing Really Reduce Cellulite?

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It is a commonly heard fact with regards to dry brushing that it is one of the best ways to prevent as well as well as eliminate the issue of cellulite present in the body. But the fact of the matter that you need to find out is whether dry brushing is a miracle solution to eliminate cellulite completely? There are various beauty experts that have helped to understand the true meaning and science of how this works.

What Exactly Does Dry Brushing Mean?

A technique that involves brushing of your body in long strokes after a bath is known as dry brushing. This helps to enhance the blood circulation throughout the body. It also improves the lymphatic drainage with dry brushing.

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Is It True That Dry Brushing Can Prevent Cellulite?

Many of you are under the notion that dry brushing helps to prevent cellulite from your body especially thighs, hips or even buttocks. But this is a false notion. Dry brushing cannot prevent cellulite. However, the appearance of cellulite can be reduced by dry brushing every single day. This will help your skin appear smoother.

How To Use A Body Brush?

When you use a dry brush on your body, make use of it in gentle circular motions to clear your body right from your ankles to your upper body. Do make sure that you do not brush too hard over the sensitive part of the skin like your breast and abdomen area. You need to take a shower after this process and follow it up with an application of vital oils such as almond or sesame oil. You also need to ensure that you do not end up brushing vigorously using a brush that is too abrasive.

What Kind Of Body Brush Should You Make Use Of?

Each one has a choice of their own with regards to choosing a body brush for their body. But it is important that you make sure to invest in one such a brush that contains natural bristles which have a long handle so that it can easily reach spots of your back.


Does Dry Brushing Lead To Causing Any Side Effects?

There are various dermatologists who personally do not recommend the repeated brushing of the skin by making use of a dry brush. Reason being as per these dermatologists it is quite possible that dry brushing may lead to causing skin inflammation. Furthermore, by the repeated action of rubbing on your skin can also lead to causing scaly plaques or calluses.

Therefore, as a conclusion, dry brushing can make your skin look healthy and plump. However, this is not a sure shot cure for cellulite. “In addition to helping you slough away the dry skin areas like the knees, elbows, and ankles, dry brushing also helps to enhance the tighter skin, cell renewal, and blood flow,” says research and recent study programs. It is a process by which the lymphatic system manages to release toxins and helps with regards to the digestion of kidney functioning. Dry Brushing helps the skin to glow and get smooth.

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