Role of Gatuline In-Tense In Skin Care Products

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Aging is a naturally occurring phenomenon and women are seeking for ways and means to overcome the signs of aging. There are various anti aging products which are available on market shelves. However, do note that some of these products may contain harmful chemical, steroids, and fillers which not only are harmful to the skin but also may have adverse side effects. Women also tend to bend to the option of choosing Botox and various skin surgeries to get rid of various anti aging marks. These are painful, expensive and evasive options.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose to use one such anti aging product that makes use powerful ingredients which would provide you with similar results and benefits such as the Botox and yet prove to be a non-expensive and safe option. Gatuline Intense in one of the vital ingredients of many anti aging creams and if you continue reading further you will understand its properties and the effect it has on the skin.

The Purpose Of Gatuline In-Tense:

Once the process of aging commences, the skin undergoes various changes. The cell turnover is slower than before as the collagen production depletes and the dermal structure becomes disorganized. This result in causing loss of elasticity and firmness thus leading the skin to slacken and wrinkles begin to deepen.


Gatuline Intense is an ingredient that specifically targets the cell communication such that it reorganizes and re-tightens the dermal structure. This works in a positive way as it has a natural lifting and smoothing effect. This ingredient will help the skin to visibly reduce deep wrinkles and tightens the skin just after the initial application.

This is an ingredient that is a concentrated extract from an oily floral paracress (Spilanthes acmella). It is a source obtained from Spilanthes Acmella from South Africa, where crops have a greater concentration of active ingredients. Only these specific flowers are obtained so that the plants may continue to grow. This is an ingredient which is 100% preservative free and therefore, works on the skin in a safe and natural manner.

The key benefits of Gatuline In-Tense include:

  • This has an immediate effect on the skin that remains for long term
  • Helps to reduce wrinkle depth by 20% and firms the skin
  • Makes your skin look youthful by reducing wrinkle appearances
  • Since this ingredient is oil soluble, it can be made use of if various cosmetic products too

Due to these powerful characteristics and benefits, Gatuline Intense is an in-demand ingredient by the skin care industry and can be found in top tier anti-aging skin care products.

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